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@mirc wrote:

Etwas ist mir noch dazu eingefallen. Die Herkunft des Begriffes RiftRoamers…

Auf habe ich dazu geschrieben:

The term RiftRoamers by the way describes the people generally dwelling and roaming the darker side of society in this dystopian furture vision.

The Rift describes as well the gap between the ever present dualism of good vs evil, black vs white, rich vs poor, light vs darkness and particularily the nuances in between these two extremes, as well as the rupture or rift between normal space and hyperspace the starships in RiftRoamers create to travel faster than light, only protected be an energy field filling this gap.

R.I.F.T is also a known abbreviation for Rapid Interstellar Flight Technology

Roamers of course are those actually going walkabout in the shadows of the future wolrd.

Eine Übersetzung dürte ja kein Ding für uns sein 😉
Gruß mirc


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